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16 Useful Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles

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In this DIY tutorial, we will show you useful ways how to reuse plastic bottles and make easy crafts for your home. The video consists of 16 simple life hacks that you can do yourself:

1. Cloud lamp made from a plastic bottle. Just fill it with a LED strip, apply glue all over the bottle and stick it with cotton wool.

2. Simple plastic bottle trick to use it as egg yolk separator

3. Make a phone charger holder from a used plastic shampoo bottle by cutting it and making a hole for a cord with a utility knife. To decorate it simply use colorful tapes.

4. Salt/pepper shaker made from two plastic bottle tops, use your utility knife to cut them off. Then glue them together and make holes with a drill in bottle caps for your salt/pepper.

5. Use plastic bottles to make a toothbrush holder. Cut the top and bottom parts of the bottle, then simply glue them together and make several holes to insert bottlenecks for your toothbrushes.

6. Make a cozy rope lamp by cutting the upper half of a plastic bottle, cover it in PVA glue and use a colorful rope to wrap around for decoration. Cut the bottleneck to insert a light bulb (use light bulbs that don’t produce heat!).

7. A simple package for your small gifts made from the middle part of a plastic bottle, just flatten it out, bend the edges and don’t forget to tie a ribbon!

8 Make a simple tree painting by using the bottom part of a plastic bottle as a leaf stamp. Simply cover the bottom with acrylic paint and stamp it on a sheet of paper.

9. Use an old plastic shampoo bottle to make a dish sponge holder, simply by cutting out part of the bottle and using a candle (or any other heat source) to bend it so it would fit over your tap.

10. Make a rain protector for your cord extender simply by using a plastic bottle and cutting off the bottom part using a box cutter so your cord extender would fit in.

11. A small gift package for candy using two plastic bottles. Simply cut out the middle parts of the bottles, bend them into squares and put one over the another. Don’t forget the ribbon for decoration!

12. Use the bottom part of a plastic bottle to create this simple flower pot. Apply some acrylic paint and/or marker to decorate it with the design of your choice!

13. Make a candle holder from two plastic bottles by cutting one bottleneck longer for the base and a shorter one to insert your candle. Then simply glue them together.

14. A flower pot made by simply cutting the top of a plastic bottle with a box cutter, then cut from the top vertically to make decorative strips. Unfold the strips back and interlace them with each other. Use acrylic paint to decorate in your own way!

15. A pencil holder for your kids made from an empty old shampoo bottle. To make this just cut out the shape with a pair of scissors, then glue decorations made from paper to create your own character design!

16. Use a plastic bottle to make a holder for your thread. Just cut the bottom part of the bottle, then make a hole the size of a bottle cap. Cut half of the bottle from bottom vertically and insert your thread so that the end comes out from the bottleneck.

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