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12 Refreshing Altoids Tin Projects to 3D Print

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With these excellent Altoids tin projects, you can upcycle the metal case after you’ve finished chewing over the curiously strong mints.

The Altoids tin is more than just an iconic receptacle for strong mints, it’s also an astonishingly versatile little beast.

Makers have hacked its metallic frame into a million and one different uses, ranging from an RFID wallet to a headphone amplifier, from an urban survival kit to a Raspberry Pi computer case.

And 3D printers haven’t missed out on the action, either. Collected below are 12 awesome Altoids tin projects to 3D print. These hacks are remarkable in their simplicity, just print them off and away you go.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll pencil them in for a future update.

MEN! And, er, LADIES! Do you like to have a proper shave when on the road? Don’t want to use disposable razors? Of course you don’t! Only a double-edged razor will do. Print out this DE insert for an Altoids tin, and there will be no compromises in your personal grooming.

Download: Thingiverse

Inspiration can strike at the most unexpected moments. You’re walking through a field and then — BANG — you see a beautiful tree and you’ve got to paint it before you die of heartbreak. Be prepared with this nifty tin insert that functions as a watercolor palette.

Download: Thingiverse

Paging Google Cardboard, we think you’ve got some serious competition. On second thoughts, maybe not. A phablet smartphone is never going to fit inside an Altoids tin. But you can still create lo-fi 3D images of your own to enjoy in this portable VR machine.

Download: Thingiverse

The perfect Altoids Survival Tin. So long as your idea of survival is a kit containing some plasters, antibacterial ointment, and some aspirin. With the inclusion of some toothpaste and wet-wipes, this could easily be modified into a morning-after-the-night-before kit.

Download: Thingiverse

In the sports and outdoors category, this is a project to create a dedicated mini-tackle box for fishing. The beauty here is that you can sort and compartmentalize all those different lures and wotsits into separate boxes, and take along only the ones you need.

Download: Thingiverse

Altoids Tin Projects #6: Tin Caddy

Of course, the Altoid tin projects on this list are so incredibly awesome, there’s simply no way you could possibly confine yourself to just one. This 3D printable caddy allows you to stack and store up to five tins at a time.

Download: Thingiverse

Celebrate the spirit of Christmas with this nativity ornament that fits inside an Altoids tin. Because nothing says “Jesus Christ Our Savior” like minty fresh breath.

Download: Thingiverse

If you’re in a situation where you have to take medication daily, this pill box insert is useful for sorting your drugs into separate compartments. This model is good for six days a week, but there’s a seven-day variation available too.

Download: Thingiverse

A rather clever evolution on the pill insert idea is a divider which incorporates a pair of plastic tweezers. Because if you have fingers that are thicker than a bunch of butcher’s sausages, digging out those little pills is going to be a royal pain.

Download: Thingiverse

This charming design is one of several “Altoy” designs by maker Chad Ruble, where he collaborated with his 9-year-old daughter on making pocket games and toys to fit inside an Altoids tin. Check out Minty Tic-Tac-Toe and Lily Pad Leap, too.

Download: Thingiverse

This project’s point of difference is that it’s a solid insert for the tin, making it more substantial and providing greater structural integrity, whilst also not having any specific purpose. Use it how you think best!

Download: Thingiverse

Convert that Altoids tin into a miniature briefcase that’s fit for a doll’s house. Or someone with really tiny hands. It also doubles as a security band, so there’s no danger of the lid popping open and spilling its contents if you drop it on the floor.

Download: Thingiverse

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12 Refreshing Altoids Tin Projects to 3D Print