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Zaha Hadid Architects H-Line Hat Reflects Artist’s New York Condos

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Zaha Hadid Architects’ latest work is the H-Line hat, inspired by the firm’s condo at 520 West 28th Street, New York. Designed by boss and collaborator, Patrik Schumacher, the hat was made using 3D printing for a Friends of the High Line fundraiser. 

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) recently designed a 3D printed hat for a fundraising event organized by Friends of the High Line, the nonprofit organization that oversees maintenance for the park.

The aim of the event was to raise 98% of the annual budget for the park’s upkeep. Everyone was required to sport headwear at the event, but ZHA’s was especially a head turner.

ZHA director, Patrik Schumacher, designed the “H-Line hat”, which takes inspiration from the recently finished condos beside New York’s High Line. This 520 West 28th residential building in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York was also designed by ZHA.

The resulting blue and white hat was 3D printed in nylon and incorporates swooping shapes. It also has diagonal slits throughout, which mimic the building’s metallic window frames.

In a statement, ZHA had this to say: “The fluid chevrons of 520 West 28th’s facade weave up the building, conveying its split levels and demarcating each residence within… The H-Line hat echoes these chevrons, weaving around the wearer with open and closed forms.”

The H-Line hat from Zaha Hadid Architects

The H-Line hat from Zaha Hadid Architects

Friends of the High Line

For those who aren’t familiar with the High Line, it was opened in 2009, transforming a once-abandoned freight rail line into a beautiful park. As a result, buildings are popping up around it, including the 520 West 28th condos.

The building is the only one in New York City designed by Zaha Hadid herself, who died in 2016. It offers 11-storeys full of luxury amenities but houses just 39 private residencies.

Whether you love or hate the hat by ZHA, it won’t be becoming a new fashion trend in New York anytime soon as the company only designed it for the fundraiser. The firm also won’t be moving from architecture into fashion.

However, a few of the custom-made hats for the event will be auctioned to raise money for Friends of the High Line, but it’s unclear as to whether the 3D printed nylon hat will be one of these. Check the Friends of the High Line website to find out more.

Source: Dezeen

The New York condos that inspired the H-Line hat
The New York condos that inspired the H-Line hat
The New York condos at 520 West 28th Street

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