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YouTuber 3D Prints and Tests a Screw Drive RC Tank

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Create your own radio controlled 3D printed screw drive tank by following along with YouTuber Ivan Miranda’s latest six-part project.  

Maker Ivan Miranda has a message for you: never give up. These words flash up on his latest video about creating a 3D printed screw drive RC. It’s the final video in a series of six that all attempt to create and perfect a remote-controlled screw drive RC tank.

Thanks to the shape of the screw drive wheels, Miranda is able to use the small tank on soft ground. In fact, he tests out his design on the beach. However, as cool as it sounds, it’s certainly wasn’t a simple build.

Miranda has 41,000 subscribers on YouTube and is an avid maker. He makes everything from games to his own 3D printers to violins he can’t play. Usually he works on a new project every week, however, this screw drive project has now occupied a lot of his time at the insistence of his viewers.

The complex screw drive tank is finally a success after many 3D printed iterations and even help from his audience. He explains in his video description: “Well, it finally works, ya’ll told me to never give up and this is the result,” he adds.

Check out the final video in this series, however, make sure to watch the others for a full run-down of the project. You’re likely to find yourself hooked on Miranda’s channel.

Creating a Screw drive Tank with 3D Printing

Miranda begins the video by disassembling his screw drive tank. Predominantly all of the parts were 3D printed, other than the screws, some rods, bearings, beams, and electrical parts.

Throughout the process, he’s used 3D printing to create quick iterations. He also powers the design with twin brushless motors and controls it with off-the-shelf RC gear.

He’s worked with multiple different screw shapes. Finally, he explains how he completed the task: “I basically increased the tolerances and gave me more space to fasten everything, added a few washers and in the last minute (literally) I had to add to wooden beams for rigidity.”

During the final tester on the beach, Miranda sees a lot of progress. After a quick tinker, he is able to get the screw drive tank racing across the sand and working perfectly.

However, Miranda learned that the tank certainly doesn’t work after racing into the sea. He adds: “You cannot call me a coward!” before the tank gives up.

Source: Hackaday

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