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Xbox Shares the Must-Know Holiday Gaming Tips for Parents

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With the holidays right around the corner, we know that many
kids and teens have a specific game, gaming console or controller on their wish
lists. As parents, we know some of you may be very familiar with gaming while
others may feel out of the loop. I’m a parent myself, so I understand the
challenges of balancing your kids’ passion for gaming with other important
things like homework, time with family, chores, etc. But Xbox is here to help!
And just in time for the holidays, we have a special video filled with
must-know gaming tips for families.

Join us as host Jessica Chobot – full-time gamer and mother
– dives into the essential recommendations covering:

  • How to setup a new console ahead of time so kids
    can get right into gaming
  • How to create a child or teen account
  • How to install screen time limits and content
  • Family-friendly games to consider

We’ve got a ton of helpful tips packed into this short video
to help make sure everyone in your family has fun while gaming, but if there is
one thing we want parents to take away, it’s this: make sure your children are
using a child
or teen account
when using their Xbox One console or Windows 10 device.
Child and teen accounts give you as parents access to our customizable and easy
to use family
so you can decide what is right for your children:

  • Screen Time Limits: Manage how much
    gaming time is appropriate for each day of the week
  • Content filters: Ensure kids only have access
    to age-appropriate content
  • Privacy: Determine who your kids can play
    and chat with
  • Spending Limits: Avoid surprise spending by
    setting up an allowance or requiring your permission to make any purchases

We are constantly updating family settings and safety
features to make sure they fit the unique needs of families today, for example,
we recently unveiled content
that work across Xbox Live. Content Filters empower gamers – or the
parents of young gamers – to choose what messages they are comfortable
receiving when engaged in the Xbox community and what is not ok and thus will
be blocked. Filters can be customized based on four tiers of filtration, and we
recommend the Friendly level be applied to child accounts. These content
filters are part of our moderation efforts that run 24/7 across the globe to help
ensure that Xbox is a safe, welcoming and inclusive place where everyone can
have fun.

At Xbox, it’s important to us that families feel supported
and have the tools they need to make sure gaming is a part of a balanced life. Additionally,
we are always listening and trying to address feedback from families. We’re
happy to share tips and pointers about getting the most out of family settings
and so much more, so we encourage you to give this video a watch. Enjoy, and
have fun gaming this holiday season!

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