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Xbox Invitational: Lil Yachty and Marcus Jordan Throw Down in NBA 2K19 Charity Match

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As part of the Xbox Invitational – where two guests go head to head on a game to win Xbox consoles for their charity of choice – artist Lil Yachty and Michael Jordan’s son Marcus Jordan battled it out in an epic NBA 2K19 showdown with 30 Xbox One X consoles on the line. With Marcus Jordan playing as the Chicago Bulls and Yachty playing as the Los Angeles Lakers, the game starts with Jordan in the lead until a couple of choice plays by the Quality Control rapper turns the tables.

With a little playful smack talking throughout the game, Lil Yachty emerges victorious. Just as he sinks his game-winning bucket, Yachty jumps up from the couch in a celebratory move that causes his grill to drop out of his mouth proclaiming, “Oh, I lost my teeth!”

In the end, Yachty was able to get his grill back in place, and his charity the Cascade United Methodist Church of the 30 Xbox One X consoles.

Stay tuned to Xbox Wire for more episodes of the Xbox Invitational!

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