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X019: The Legendary PC Racing Game, KartRider: Drift, Coming Soon to Xbox One

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When KartRider released in 2004, we hoped it would perform well, but we couldn’t have anticipated what a massive hit it would become. The game has now been around for over 15 years, amassed over 380 million players in Asia, and grown to become an eSports leader in the kart racing game genre. So, with all the history of KartRider behind us, we are looking toward the future with KartRider: Drift, and are excited to share it with the world.

As we prepared to expand Kartrider:
to console, we designed the game for Xbox One X as it is the most
powerful console in existence. This ensures that players fully experience the
game’s True 4K, HDR and Spatial Audio support, which is not found in
traditional casual racing games.


Unlimited customization was another key element developed for global users. We want players to be able to express their own unique personalities not only through characters, but through their karts as well. Further development of spaces within the game will allow for player personalization to shine as racers will be able to wrap and attach decals to karts using their own designs, and share with friends.

Another major element in KartRider: Drift will be global matchmaking. Because there are no language or cultural barriers in racing, matchmaking across the world will allow players to challenge each other with no limits as they test out the games cross platform capabilities. To provide the best experience, we reviewed driving data with Nexon Intelligence Labs, a specialized Data & AI department, which researched matchmaking patterns. This will allow players to meet others with similar skills for the best balanced gameplay possible.


Based on 15 years of continual content updates and operation, we
believe Kartrider:Drift will be an
easy game for everyone to play and enjoy, but a difficult game to master. We
hope players are ready for the challenge, have fun as they hone and refine
their skills, and enjoy connecting with racers all over the world for a true
global gameplay experience! 

Closed Beta begins on December 5, 2019 (5 p.m. PT)/ December 6, 2019 (1 a.m. GMT) on Xbox One, Steam, and Nexon Launcher. Sign-up for the exclusive beta at { productId: ‘br8k0rvdqjs5’, badgeType: ‘large’ }, function( badge ) { badge = badge.replace( /www\.microsoft\.com\/store\//g, “” ); document.getElementById( “msp1573839800484” ).innerHTML = badge; } );

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