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WWE Wrestlers with awesome Real Street Fighter combos

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YES! YES! YES! (etc.)

Not sure where exactly these came from or what talented genius came up with the idea of turning IRL WWE wrestling moves into flashy super Street Fighter-esque combos in animated gifs, but had I known they existed before actually seeing them, they’re pretty much one of those things I can kinda see myself asking for on my deathbed.

“It won’t be long now *cough*but before I go, I’ve always wanted to see Antonio Cesaro shoryuken Jon Cena…”

Aaaaaaaah… Surely Cena will bounce back?!

HOY-OH! Yes, these gifs offer further proof that the internet is filled with angels. I’m hardly what you’d call a huge wrestling fan (I’ve dabbled in a few pay-per-views this year thanks to a buddy’s podcast) but you don’t really need to know the WWE to see why these are splendid.

Good lord, here’s my favorite. I previously matched up Brock Lesner with a different character, but man, that kanji is delicious…

More than anything, I hope this fan art feat opens up a dialog with Vince McMahon. You wanna push your roster to the next level, brother? This is precisely what your superstars have been lacking! Seriously, sign up for a Unity account and send me a PM. Let’s have a chat, real casual.

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