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Worlds Collide Episode 3 – A Santa Monica Studio Limited Podcast Miniseries

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If you watched our full-length documentary, , you got a glimpse into our journey reinventing this franchise. It should be no surprise, we have plenty of intriguing, untold stories left to tell that dig deeper into the development of God of War. Thus, we’re proud to continue in partnership with the PlayStation Blogcast, a Santa Monica Studio limited podcast miniseries, Worlds Collide.

In each episode of Worlds Collide, we’ll bring together developers from different departments across our team, who collaborated on a feature that helped evolve God of War. These conversations will shine the Light of Alfheim on our studio culture and game development processes as if you’re right on the ground floor with us.

If you missed Episode 1 & 2, fear not, you can download it from the PlayStation Blogcast page on any of your favorite podcast apps, or our . Enjoy our latest episode below.

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EPISODE #3 – “Raising Atreus for Battle”

  • While we worked hard on developing his positioning, traversal, and progression, it was Atreus’ core combat system that became, perhaps, an even greater challenge. The design, tech, and animations of Atreus’ combat were meticulously planned for almost every imaginable gameplay situation, including how he interacted with Kratos in battle. In this episode of Worlds Collide, we bring together our Senior Staff Technical Combat Designer and Senior Animator to discuss how Atreus’ combat went from feeling mediocre to feeling empowering and eventful. Enjoy the show!

Additionally, if you’d like to watch or read Hayato Yoshidome’s full GDC 2019 presentation on developing the combat tech of Atreus,

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