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Wireless VR Starts Today

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The Vive Wireless Adapter launches today, freeing Vive owners from the tether back to the PC — experiencing the full potential of premium VR. Compatible with both the Vive and Vive Pro, customers in the US can now purchase the adapter on and other retailers where Vive is sold.

The Vive Wireless Adapter retails at $299 [USD] while the Vive Pro compatibility pack can be purchased for $60 [USD]. Every Vive Wireless Adapter purchase includes two months of Viveport Subscription, offering access to 500 titles.

Wireless VR grants even deeper immersion into the virtual world as all restrictions fade away. Whether you’re bobbing and weaving in Knockout League, pulling off the perfect backhand in Virtual Sports or dodging enemy fire, the Vive Wireless Adapter will give you the freedom of movement to experience VR at its fullest. 

The Vive Wireless Adapter meets the rigorous demands of performance, latency and image quality for premium VR. With hours of battery life, the Vive Wireless Adapter will power VR sessions for over two hours with the included battery.

Still debating if you should go wireless? The Vive Wireless Adapter was shown at gaming and VR events this summer (including Gamescom where it won “Best Hardware”), check out what these early reviewers had to say:

  • “Being completely untethered, yet still getting the supreme experiences only PC VR can provide is a major breakthrough and we cannot wait to try out this seemingly essential accessory when it arrives in Pocket-lint’s testing labs.” – Pocket-lint
  • “It manages to stream a VR experience to a Vive Pro with seemingly no lag and perfect motion tracking, and that’s impressive for any wireless video stream.” – PCMag
  • “The Vive Wireless Adapter offers the single biggest improvement possible to your room-scale virtual reality experience. Wireless is the future of VR.” – Trusted Reviews

Easy to install, you can start to experience the potential of wireless VR in just minutes after opening the box. Just install the PCI-e card and attach a sensor from the PC that broadcasts to and from the new wireless Vive headset up to 6 meters from the included sensor.

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