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Wikimedia Commons Enables 3D Model Uploads and Downloads

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Wikimedia Commons has enabled a new feature which will allow you to upload 3D models. The first upload is a model by the #NEWPALMYRA project, honoring Bassel Khartabil. 

In 2015, the Wikimedia community was surveyed and a wish list was realized. On that list, number eleven is to add 3D models on Wikimedia Commons.

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Wikimedia is slowly making its way down the list, adding green ticks next to each of the wishes they’ve delivered on. Now, adding 3D models is under development by the Multimedia team at the Wikimedia Foundation.

The first 3D model will honor the life the Palestinian Syrian open-source software developer, Bassel Khartabil who preserved records of Syrian historical monuments using photographs. He was an originator of the project #NEWPALMYRA and an important member of the Free Knowledge community.

You can read more about the murdered Syrian Creative Commons activist here, and All3DP’s involvement here.

The 3D model honoring his life will be one by the #NEWPALMYRA project.

Gilles Dubuc, an engineer who helped make our 3D feature launch happen, explains: “I doubt I would have appreciated the full impact of this project if it weren’t for #NEWPALMYRA and Bassel. It is critical that humanity can see (and print!) what cannot be visited in person anymore.”

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Upload Your Own 3D Model

Wikimedia explain that this is their first “foray” into 3D printing so they intend on being careful. This means only supporting the .STL file format for now.

Until now, Wikimedia has done a great job with offering audio, video and 2D images. However, it’s no secret that 3D models offer new and different perspective on many subjects.

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Wikimedia will first show 3D models as a static preview image and, after clicking on an image, an interactive viewer will load. This new Multimedia Viewer extension will enable a user will be able to view a model from all angles and rotate it.

The next step after rolling out 3D models is to receive feedback from the community. Then, with users’ help, Wikimedia will continue to add features and support for more complex file types.

However, for now, you can upload, download and then 3D print .STL models from the Wikimedia website. To upload a model, simply visit Wikimedia Commons, log in and click “upload file”. It’s as simple as that. Just make sure to enable your Media Viewer and you’re ready to go.

Source: Wikimedia Blog

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