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When Tiny Electric Car Meets Trike! Toyota i-ROAD

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You Get the Futuristic Toyota i-ROAD

With Toyota’s “Active Lean” technology, it’s not only safe, but intuitive and enjoyable to drive, with no need for a helmet. The vehicle is only 92-inches long, 57-inches tall and 35-inches-wide.

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With an all-electric powertrain that uses a lithium-ion battery to power two 2kW motors mounted in the front wheels, the i-ROAD’s battery can be fully recharged from a conventional domestic power supply in a reasonable 3-hours. The “Active Lean” system uses a lean actuator and gearing mounted above the front suspension member, linked via a yoke to the left and right front wheels. There is also an ECU that calculates the required degree of lean based on steering angle, gyro-sensor and vehicle speed information, with the system automatically moving the wheels up and down in opposite directions, applying lean angle to counteract the centrifugal force of cornering.

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