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What we achieved in 2022

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For 2022, I decided to make some goals and rough plans instead of stumbling into projects like I have in the past – and also promising to go a bit easier on myself if I didn’t achieve them all.

Still stumbling

One thing I’m always proud of is the work we do on The MagPi. I’m especially happy when I get to make something cool and talk about what I’ve learnt in the pages of the mag – this year, in particular, three projects stand out to me.

- Werbung -
- Werbung -

Firstly, there were the quiz button boxes. After years of saying I’d make it, I finally created custom buzzers with programmable sounds and the ability to find out who pressed buttons in what order. I’ve made some modifications since I put the tutorial in the mag and, at some point, I’ll update the code on the GitHub as well.

Otherwise, this year I got back to making cosplay props with the Poltergust G-00 I made with help from, 3D printing wizard and Raspberry Pi Maker in Residence, Toby Roberts. It was a bit easier than last time when I had to gut a real vacuum cleaner, and I learned a lot about using NeoPixels with Pico, which I then applied to some excellent Christmas lights that are shortly going up on my tree.

- Werbung -

Satisfaction guaranteed

Other things I planned for the year – mostly personal stuff like make silly videos and write more fiction – I wasn’t always able to get to, but thankfully I did enough to be proud of. Maybe I also was able to be kinder to myself in the process as well!

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic 2023. I’ll see you there.

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