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Weekend Project: Take Aim With This Awesome 3D Printed Mini Crossbow

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South Korean maker “DIYPark” shows us how to create a fully 3D printed and functional Mini Crossbow. Set up some targets and take aim, because it’s time to get your archery on.  

When taking on a DIY project, we often see how combining 3D printing with electronics and other technologies can produce some unbelievable objects. But sometimes a 3D printer is all you need to bring a spectacularly fun concept to life.

That’s what South Korean maker Park Gwan Su (known on Thingiverse on DIYPark) did with his 3D printed Mini Crossbow. This tiny bow will have you feeling like Robin Hood of the maker world. Not only is it fully functional, but it also packs quite a punch, so you’ll need to be responsible and cautious with where you’re taking aim.

Nonetheless, this Weekend Project is a great way to showoff the capabilities of your desktop 3D printer, and will provide endless enjoyment to you, your family, and your friends. Let’s take a closer look at this incredible 3D printed Mini Crossbow.

3D Printed Mini Crossbow: What Do You Need?

In order to build your own 3D printed Mini Crossbow, all you need is your 3D printer, a few different colors of filament, some fishing line for the crossbow string, and toothpicks for ammunition.

This project will require a fair amount of 3D printing time, as the model is made up of 10 individual parts. There’s also some targets that you can print out as well, giving you something to shoot at once your bow is complete.

You can download the STL files for free from Thingiverse or Cults3D. The maker uses 20 percent infill for the parts, none of which require support structures. Feel free to get creative with colors and personalize the Mini Crossbow to your style!

According to the project’s creator, the crossbow is capable of firing off four consecutive shots. DIYPark also recommends wearing safety goggles to protect yourself from any stray arrows, because, well, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

3D Printed Mini Crossbow: Putting it all Together

In his Youtube video on the project (posted below), DIYPark shares insight into every step of the project, from 3D modeling to assembly. Right around the 3:30 mark, the maker moves on from the CAD modeling process to the assembly. The instructions are clearly depicted and easy to follow, but may require a tiny amount of post-processing to make sure everything fits together.

Once all of the 3D printed parts are put together, it’s time to thread the fishing line onto the bow. Simply tie some knots on each end and snip the leftover sting off. And there you have it. Load in some toothpicks and take aim at the mini targets that DIYPark provides with the other STL files.

And don’t forget, while it might look like a toy, the Mini Crossbow can be dangerous and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Please be careful where you aim this tiny bow, and don’t let children play around with it without adult supervision.

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