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Weekend Project: Satisfy Your World Cup Fever with This 3D Printed Lithophane Lamp

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The FIFA World Cup is in full swing, and now you can 3D print your own lithophane lamp to light your favorite team’s path to victory! Check out this amazing 3D printed World Cup-themed lamp designed by the 3D printing company Voladd.  

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup currently taking place in Russia, people from every corner the world are getting faces painted and flags waving in support of their home country or favorite qualifying team. Depending on what time zone you live in, some World Cup games might start a bit too early or late for you, but most of us will turn on a lamp and watch through the night nonetheless.

Now you can light your path to victory with a World Cup-themed 3D printed lithophane lamp created by the 3D printing company Voladd. The model is based off of the event’s iconic trophy, which features a robed human holding the world up above their head. This model is a remix based on “World Cup” by Bekarion and “Spherical Lithophane – World Map 12cm remix” by Domi1988.

With a bit of post-processing, you can make this lamp look like the real World Cup trophy. If you want to keep the spirit of this international tournament alive with a 3D printed lithophane lamp, keep reading to find out what you need and how to build it!

World Cup Lithophane Lamp: What You Need & How to Build it

There are four different STL files that you’ll need to print to build this lamp: three parts for the base and the globe-shaped light source. These 3D printable models are freely available to download from Thingiverse. Voladd suggest printing these parts with 15 percent infill and supports when necessary.

Other than a 3D printer and the STL files, there are obviously a few other things you’ll need to make this lithophane lamp shine. Here’s what you need to build this project:

Now that you’ve got all of your supplies ready, it’s time to kick off the build process. The first step is to 3D print all of the parts for the base and world map. Next, take the electrical installation and insert it from the upper part of the base until it reaches the bottom of the 3D printed base. Once that’s situated, you can glue the three base parts together.

Once the glue is dried, cover the lamp cap with paper and apply filler to the model, sanding it down to provide a better surgace finish. After that, you’ll apply the bonding primer, followed by the gold metallic paint spray. In the example from Voladd, they also add a few green lines to make it resemble the original FIFA World Cup. For the globe, which is where the light source will emit from, the designers recommend only using a light coating of paint to ensure the light shines through properly.

And that about does it for the assembly process. Pretty easy, huh? Well, definitely easier than watching your favorite team playing in a close World Cup match… If you want to learn more about this project, you can find more information on Thingiverse!

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