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Weekend Project: Get Groovy with 3D Printed LED Magic Mushrooms

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Turn your home into a magical forest of fungi with the 3D printed Magic Mushroom lighting decoration –created by German designer UniversalMaker. 

One spectacular aspect of 3D printing is that it provides the ability to expand your imagination beyond the everyday world, no matter how fantastical your idea might be. On today’s Weekend Project, we’re taking you to a magical forest that contains a vibrant collection of colorful mushrooms.

Dubbed as “Magic Mushrooms”, this DIY light structure features a patch of fungi that has a voronoi-styled design. The 3D printed mushroom  tucked into the stem of  The decorative lights were designed by a German maker named Tobias–also known as UniversalMaker.

This project includes a tree trunk-like base and a slew of different sized mushrooms, each of which consists of a mushroom cap and stem. UniversalMaker came up with a clever concept for the LED lights, tucking them into the top of the mushroom stem.

We’ve shared a few of his 3D printing projects in the past, including the DIY Voronoi Blowball Flower Lamp and a Solar-Powered Open RC Boat. So let’s take another trip into the UniversalMaker’s world. Here’s everything you need to know about creating your own 3D printed Magic Mushrooms.

3D Printed Magic Mushrooms: What You Need & How to Build it

The STL files for this project are freely available to download via Thingiverse. UniversalMaker suggests using support structures and 20 percent infill when printing the models. Aside from your 3D printer and some natural and woodsy filament, you’ll also need some electronics and other various components.

Here’s the full checklist of parts:

Once you have everything 3D printed, the rest of the assembly process seems pretty simple. First, take the LED lights and insert them into the top of the mushroom stem/trunks, connecting them via the switch with a 9V battery.

The Voltage converter is used to control the multicolor LEDs. The mushroom caps should be clipped to the top part of the stems. The stems will to be glued directly to the main tree trunk base. You might need to do a bit of sanding to make everything fit together snugly.

Otherwise, that’s about all you need to know about 3D printing your own Magic Mushroom lights. To learn more, visit UniversalMaker’s website and watch his instructional video above.

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