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Weekend Project: 3D Printed Mini Bluetooth Speakers

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Ever wanted to use your 3D printer to create the ultimate speaker box? Coder and tinker Yasthil Bhagwandeen shares a new Instructables project on how to build your very own 3D Printed Mini Bluetooth Speakers. Now that sounds cool…

3D printing technology is disrupting how a wide range of consumer goods are produced, and audio gear is certainly no exception. With companies like print+ and V-Moda using 3D printing to offer customizability to consumers, the technology could soon become a valuable part of the audiophile’s sonic experience.

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A new Instructables project by Yasthil Bhagwandeen takes a DIY approach, showing us how to 3D print our own mini bluetooth speakers. The coder and tinker presents the full scope of his project, leading us from the design process, through his mistakes and triumphs, and finally to the finished product.

If you have access to a 3D printer, a bit of maker prowess, and a love for sound, you can build your own 3D Printed Mini Bluetooth Speakers.

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3D Printed Mini Bluetooth Speakers: What Do You Need?

Unlike some of the more simple ideas featured on our Weekend Project series, the 3D Printed Mini Bluetooth Speakers require a handful of tools and components. Here’s what you’ll need to take on this project:



3D Printed Mini Bluetooth Speakers: Putting it Together

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably quite interested in building your own own set of 3D Printed Mini Bluetooth Speakers. Let’s take a quick glance at the design process and assembly.

First and foremost, you’ll need to download the STL files for the speaker box from Thingiverse. If you have all of the aforementioned tools and components on hand, it’s time to start 3D printing the casing for the speaker.

In Bhagwandeen’s version, he uses the Anet A8 3D printer and CCTree PLA, 3D printing the speaker box with 50 percent infill and a layer height of .32 mm. The 3D model for the speaker box, designed by the tinkerer on Fusion 360, is a relatively quick 5 hour 3D print.

He also shares the initial mistakes and subsequent redesign that came with developing this project. Obstacles included incorrect measurements, which made it difficult to fit in the speakers, as well as forgetting to print holes for the switch, jack, and micro USB slot. Eventually, Bhagwandeen overcame these issues and was able to build his speakers.

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Before soldering, the maker recommends connecting the electronic components to make sure they’re working properly. Then, it’s time to start the soldering process, which is done according to the schematic provided below.

Once the soldering process is complete, simply use the hot glue gun to mount the electronics into the 3D printed speaker box. The speaker enclosure was designed to snap fit together, so you can open and shut the box without issue. Bhagwandeen states that the speaker isn’t extremely loud, but it does produce a fair amount of volume.

It’s an intermediate project that does require some time and maker skills, but it also seems like a nice undertaking for a beginner looking to get familiar with soldering, or even a more experienced maker who wants a fun and useful project for the weekend. Either way, you can bring your favorite sounds right to your own DIY speaker box with this unique Weekend Project.

You can learn more and gain further instruction for the 3D Printed Mini Bluetooth Speakers from Instructables.

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