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Weekend Project: 3D Print Your Own Wind Turbine Model

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Want to teach your kids about the power of renewable energy? Or just want to build your own wind turbine replica? Then check out this 3D printed wind turbine model created by maker Luc Tellier.

If you’ve ever driven past a batch of towering wind turbines on a rural road, you know just how mesmerizing these larger-than-life structures really are. Wind power has become an integral part of the world’s renewable energy movement, and will only grow in prominence as society shifts towards more environmentally-friendly resources.

Obviously, a full-sized wind turbine is much too large to be created on your desktop 3D printer. But if you want to create a small-scale model that actually spins, maker and Thingiverse user Luc Tellier has created the perfect project for you.

The Eolienne Wind Turbine is a 3D printed educational model that has been produced at three different scales (1/100, 1/200, 1/400). Tellier created the model for his wife, who is teaching students about renewable energy and wind turbines. No, these models won’t provide any power to your home, but they are great for educational purposes or even decoration.

The maker recently shared his project to Thingiverse, so we thought we’d share an overview for all of you who are searching for a gust of creativity over the weekend. Here’s what you need to know in order to build your own 3D printed wind turbine model.

3D Printed Wind Turbine: What You Need & How to Build it

The STL files for the wind turbine model are available via Thingiverse. Some of the parts will require support structures and should be printed with 30 percent infill.

Other non-printed components that you need will depend on which scale you decide to print the model. For instance, the 1/100 model utilizes a 3V battery, while the middle sized one uses four AA batteries. The smallest model doesn’t have any power source, as the maker was unable to find a motor that fit inside of it.

You can use a variety of gear motors, which will also depend on the scale of the model. For the assembly process, the maker suggests using wood screws (3 x 16 mm) for the holes and head location that are implemented into the 3D printed parts. There are also LEDs added to the top of the wind turbine, providing an even more realistic feel to the scale model.

While these models can’t be used to power anything, the motors will simulate the impact that wind has on the turbine blades. Since Tellier’s project has already garnered so much interest, he’s now planning to create a version that is able to generate power in the near future.

If you want to learn more about the assembly process, how to optimize the printing process and what else you need to create your own 3D printed wind turbine, check out the project details on Thingiverse!

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