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Weekend Project: 3D Print a Creepy-Crawling Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer

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Need to prepare decorations for Halloween? We’ve got you covered with this spooky 3D printed Pumpkin Spider Transformer designed by William Bruning.

The spookiest day of the year is just weeks away… Why buy your decorations when you can make them on your 3D printer? To get you prepared for the ghouls, ghosts, and trick-or-treaters that are coming to your door this Halloween, All3DP will share a handful of fun and frightening weekend projects to keep you and your 3D printer busy.

And what better creature to mark the upcoming holiday than a Pumpkin Spider Transformer (yes, you read that correctly). Designed by New Zealand-based maker William Bruning, this 3D print can appear as a plain old pumpkin at one instance, but can suddenly transform itself into a creepy spider in the blink of an eye.

We stumbled across this eight-legged print on Thingiverse, where it’s currently being featured on the front page. The creator even made a short animation video with his creation, which you can watch below.

This isn’t one of those difficult projects that require soldering, various electronics, or anything that might scare away a 3D printing novice. In fact, the Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer is fully 3D printed, making it an easy way to spruce up this year’s decorations. Let’s take a peek at how to print and put together this creepy-crawling project.

Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer: What You Need & How to Build

The STL files for the Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer are freely available on Thingiverse. The model is comprised of seven different parts (six if you attempt to print the chest in one piece). Bruning recommends using support structures, a 10 percent infill, and a .15mm resolution.

As for colors, you’ll probably want the outside of the pumpkin to be orange, which you can either achieve via colored filament or (preferably) spray paint. Once the parts are finished and the supports are removed, it’s time for the assembly process.

First, put a bit of superglue on the base of the ball joint in the middle of the chest to strengthen the connection. Next, push the leg ball joints into the chest socket. According to the designer, the assembly may be a bit tight, but there shouldn’t be any issues that end up breaking the part. After that, click the other end into the slices of pumpkin to finish the leg section. Lastly, connect the head to the body via the two neck joints.

In order to make it look like a spider, move the head to the front. To disguise it as a pumpkin, movie the head down until its fit snugly into the middle of the model. And that’s about all it takes to make your own Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer!

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