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Weekend Project: 3D Print a Chocolate Easter Egg Dispenser Bunny

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Ready to scarf down lots of chocolate this holiday weekend? Exercise some portion control with a 3D printed Easter Egg Dispenser Bunny.

This weekend, you may be indulging in a traditional Easter Egg hunt in your garden. Or perhaps you’ll be kicking back with a Martini. Whichever leisure activity you pursue, make it extra special with an Easter Egg Dispenser Bunny.

What’s so special about this bunny? For starters, it’s made with 3D printing. And it poops out mini chocolate eggs from between its paws. And it has a flip-top head for the quick loading of more chocolate goodies. We like!

From maker Murray Clark in New Zealand, this is a simple and functional print for the holiday season. The way the mechanism works is simplicity itself; load the eggs into an internal channel that runs from top to bottom, with some assistance from gravity.

According to Clark, “it has been designed to be an easy one piece print with two components. The clearances applied are intentionally loose so it should print well regardless of the slicing app or machine used.”

Easter Egg Dispenser Bunny

Easter Egg Dispenser Bunny

Easter Egg Dispenser Bunny is Ready to Serve

Printed at standard scale, the Easter Egg Bunny Dispenser will measures 150 x 105 x 35 mm. It can handle mini chocolate Easter Eggs measuring up to 28 x 22 mm, with a rolling clearance between 1.5 to 2 mm.

A little step at the bottom will prevent the Easter Eggs from rolling straight through, so they are dispensed one at a time. When the foremost Easter Egg is picked up (and devoured), the remaining eggs shuffle down the line until the next one comes to a rest against the step.

If you have a bigger build plate on your 3D printer, the design can be scaled up to accept larger Easter Eggs. Or even just normal, hard-boiled eggs. The best way to do this, advises Clark, is to the measure the Easter Eggs to be dispensed before printing, to ensure they can roll freely in the internal channel.

Another piece of advice is to ensure you roll your Easter Eggs in sideways so they roll through the internal channel. And you may need to hold the first egg in place at the bottom during loading, otherwise the momentum of the next egg to be be loaded may knock it out.

Ready to print an Easter Egg Dispenser Bunny of your very own? Let us know how you get on. And if you love the result, don’t forget to tip the designer for their efforts.

Easter Egg Dispenser Bunny
Easter Egg Dispenser Bunny

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