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Watch Luke Cage Cheat At The NFL Combine In New Season 2 Clip

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The first clip of Luke Cage Season 2 has arrived and it’s probably not what you were expecting from Netflix’s strongman superhero. Instead of fighting evil, saving New York City, or teaming up with his fellow Defenders, he’s playing sports. Well, technically, he’s cheating at sports.

Timed to release with the NFL draft, the clip finds Luke (Mike Colter) taking on his own version of the NFL combine exercise. Of course, given his abilities, he blows every record out of the water. While this technically should be against the rules–he’s a literal superhero–it’s hard not to cheer Luke on. After all, maybe the New York Jets could use a bulletproof man to help them run the ball when football season kicks off.

Don’t expect him to make the team, though. After all, it would be pretty bizarre if Season 2 simply followed Luke as he began a career in the NFL–especially when there’s still so much evil out there to defeat. That said, the appearances in the clip by New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles, as well as ESPN reporters Jemelle Hill and Michael Smith, are a nice touch.

You won’t have to wait too long to see how Luke’s NFL dreams shake out–as well as what kind of chaos the previously revealed villains Bushmaster and Nightshade plan on unleashing. Luke Cage‘s second season premieres on Netflix on June 22.

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