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Watch and co-stream The Game Awards this Thursday on Twitch

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The Game Awards are making a return this Thursday, December 7. Of course, just like previous years, you can watch the whole show at 5:30pm PT on Twitch and debate Game of the Year, Best Narrative, and all the other categories with tons of other gamers in chat. And this year, we’re stepping things up with a next-level experience.

First, anyone can co-stream The Game Awards on their own personal Twitch channel. Whether you want to add your own colorful commentary or just keep chat clear for your community, this option is for you. It’s super easy, and we’re including the full details on how to co-stream The Game Awards below.

Second, we’ve created an interactive, only-on-Twitch experience that lets your community predict category winners before they’re announced via a custom overlay Extension right on your channel. If you’re co-streaming The Game Awards, all you need to do is activate the Extension. After that, it’s up to you and your community to vote on who you think will take home the award. The community that predicts winners with the highest accuracy will win an exclusive chat badge for a month and all associated bragging rights. If you have predictions on Best RPG, Most Anticipated Game, Trending Gamer, and more, this one is for you.

This year, we’re stepping things up with an interactive, only-on-Twitch experience.

Okay. Here’s how to do all that cool stuff we just mentioned:

How to co-stream The Game Awards

  1. Set your favorite broadcast software to capture the stream live on twitch.tv/thegameawards.
  2. Set your “game” to The Game Awards 2017.
  3. Use the hashtag #thegameawards to Tweet about your co-stream.

How to install and use the custom Game Awards Extension

  1. Go to the Extension Manager on your dashboard to activate “The Game Awards 2017: Community Predictions” Extension.
  2. The moment you activate the Extension, you’ll “create” a new community. There’s no need to do anything else.
  3. Viewers will be able to vote for who they think will win each category directly from your co-stream, and also see how the community is tracking in real-time.
Activate The Game Awards overlay from the Extension Manager in your dashboard.

If you’re new to co-streaming, fear not. We have a few tips ready from Twitch veterans:

  • “When co-hosting, your job is to add value to the event that is being produced for you. Have an idea how you will contribute, be it commentary, jokes, or something else. You don’t have control over what’s being shown, so try not to have too much of a rigid schedule and talking points.” — Tucker (iijeriichoii)
  • “Co-hosting on Twitch is an invitation to broadcasters to experience gaming news with their audience the second it is announced. Keep in mind, portions of your audience might not know what to expect, so being knowledgeable about what might be shown can help build up the excitement. While it’s important to add your own voice and sometimes camera to the broadcast, don’t take away from the stream itself. Otherwise, your audience might go elsewhere!” — jp (itmeJP)

The Game Awards are kicking off Thursday, December 7 at 5:30pm PT at /TheGameAwards. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss the show, and once it starts, check out the Game Awards directory for a full list of streamers co-streaming the event.

Twitch is excited to work with various Productions, Studios, and Events to offer co-streaming as an option to our broadcasters. However, not everything on Twitch is available for co-streaming and we suggest that broadcasters ensure the events they’d like to co-stream are available to do so prior to going live. For more information about DMCA and Twitch, please view our guidelines here.

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