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War Thunder Launches as Free to Play Title on Xbox One with Combat Helicopters

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Back in June we started paid access for War Thunder on Xbox One, and those initial three months were incredibly helpful in preparing the game for free-to-play release. Now War Thunder is available for free on the Microsoft Store and we prepared a huge content update for this occasion.

War Thunder Screenshot

War Thunder Screenshot

The update’s codename is The Valkyries and it introduces combat helicopters into the game. These fearsome war machines first proved their combat effectiveness during the Vietnam War and today no military conflict goes without their involvement. The first nations to field the choppers in battle of War Thunder are USA and USSR, with such iconic rotorcraft as UH-1 Huey and Mi-24 Hind (you can purchase premium versions of both as DLC on the Microsoft Store). The other nations will get their share in future updates.

War Thunder ScreenshotWar Thunder Screenshot

Since helicopters are the most modern type of military equipment to be found in War Thunder, you need to own at least one Rank 5 vehicle to start researching them, and they’ll be playable only in top rank matches alongside tanks of Cold War era such as newly added M1IP Abrams and T-80B. To really scratch that “Red Dawn” itch you didn’t realize you had all this time, we also introduced new combined battles map called American Desert. Its visage is based on real small towns of Arizona or Nevada from around 1960s time period and one of its coolest features is a functioning railroad track – be aware of the incoming freight train while driving around in your tank!

War Thunder ScreenshotWar Thunder Screenshot

As for aerial combat, in addition to the new Vietnam map, we’re going to test pitting helicopters against planes in regular air battles and also dedicated choppers vs choppers game mode. This is where feedback from players will be invaluable. And other good news for Xbox One pilots is the addition of support for T.Flight Hotas One flightstick – now you can really fully immerse into the game while playing from the cockpit view.

War Thunder ScreenshotWar Thunder Screenshot

Xbox One players also have unlimited access to the Naval Closed Beta which is undergoing in the events menu currently, and a slew of exclusive premium vehicles in the Microsoft Store. The latest addition is the Beginner’s Bundle which includes M3A1 light tank and decal of United States Marine Corps. We welcome all new players and wish them good luck on the battlefield!

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