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VR Tour of Deckard’s Blade Runner Apartment

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BladeRunner 9732 is a virtual reality tour of Rick Deckard’s Los Angeles apartment, developed by Quentin Lengel. It goes live on Steam on January 7th.

How cool would it be to operate the Esper machine in Blade Runner? Or to view 2019 Los Angeles from Deckard’s balcony?

Thanks to the efforts of developer Quentin Lengele, you can! His virtual reality (VR) tour of Rick Deckard’s apartment, room 9732, will be released on Steam on January 7th.

And if that’s not soon enough for you, a free beta is available for download from Google Drive.

Exploring the tech-noir abode consists of wandering through the rooms, moving objects, and interacting with points of interest like the piano or the Esper machine.

Lengel talks about the creation of the VR platform:

“BladeRunner 9732 is a hobby job done during free time, nights, weekends, and vacations, with zero budget. The project started in 2014 when I decided to put myself virtually inside of my favorite movie scene — Deckard’s balcony view in Blade Runner.”

The developer eventually hopes to incorporate several more features, like a model of Rachael, origami figurines, and bottles of whiskey.

What Does BladeRunner 9732 Have to Offer?

The dimly-lit quarters are best experienced using VR hardware. However, a note to interested parties: The Oculus Rift is not supported, only the HTC Vive.

Don’t have a Vive? No problem. You can also walk through Deckard’s apartment in First Person Shooter mode.

Compared to other virtual reality platforms, the tour provides little interactivity. Still, true Blade Runner fans are sure to be delighted at the level of detail.

A few issues have been identified. The most prominent one is a large white glare that occassionally appears in the left eye. Additionally, some objects in the bathroom and kitchen are slightly out of scale.

Nevertheless, the overall tour functions well. And as it looks like we won’t be living in a world built around replicants for some time, what better way to experience Ridley Scott’s future?

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