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VR May Be A Defining Feature For PS5, But Probably Not For the Next Xbox, Says Dev

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This generation has been rather telling when it comes to virtual reality. Sony has gone all in with its PlayStation VR, creating a number of experiences for users to enjoy. Microsoft, however, has taken the opposite route, focusing more on traditional games rather than fancy virtual reality ones. And don’t look for that strategy to change any time soon.

While speaking with GamingBolt, Andrea Marinelli, who serves as head of development for Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams over at Frost Earth Studio, explained that VR should be a focus when it comes to next-generation hardware. “I hope they’ll be powerful enough to make sure they’ll handle really good higher resolution VR headsets, and most importantly I hope they’ll release a VR bundle with much improved VR inputs,” she said. “It would be really cool to have inputs made specifically for VR.”

That said, she doesn’t expect everyone to be on board with it. While Sony will obviously have some sort of virtual reality features in mind for PlayStation 5, the next Xbox likely won’t be that way. “For Sony? Probably, yes,” she continued. “They’re seeing a growing and potential market. For Microsoft, it’s hard to tell, because they seem to be ignoring VR a bit this last generation.”

Obviously neither Sony nor Microsoft have laid out their plans for their next generation hardware and likely won’t for some time since the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One seem to be doing rather well on the market. But we’ll likely start seeing things roll out next year during E3 2019 when we’ll at the very least get teasers on what to possibly expect.

And while Sony’s VR division isn’t flourishing as much as its routine game division, the PlayStation VR has been picking up steam as of late; and games like Astrobot have certainly provided the kind of entertainment to make its set-up worthwhile. Here’s hoping that Sony can continue to carry that on through the next generation and make the peripheral more of a must-have.

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