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VIVE Wallet: Digital Identity & Assets Management Solution

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HTC is creating its own place within the Metaverse, with fluid access between its own and partners’ platforms. This is VIVERSE 

VIVERSE seamlessly connects users across multiple platforms in a secure and open way. With VIVERSE you can create your own digital identity, build and share a space of your own, and exhibit your collection of digital assets and NFTs. VIVERSE is accessible on any digital platform, so you can get started from your phone, tablet, PC, or VR headset.  

HTC recently announced the central platform for VIVERSE: VIVE Connect. Think of VIVE Connect as your home space in the Metaverse. Here, you can create and trade Pods, display your digital assets, and socialize across your friends’ worlds.  

HTC is excited to introduce two more services that will make VIVERSE a reality: VIVE Wallet and VIVE Bytes 

VIVE Wallet 

VIVE Wallet will let you manage your digital assets securely. You will be able to pay with any currency on any device, anywhere, anytime. This all-in-one digital wallet is also the first to support VR Mode. By harnessing Ethereum and Polygon Blockchain technology, all digital purchases can be seen in your VIVE Wallet. 

VIVE Bytes 

VIVE Bytes is the VIVERSE’s digital marketplace for digital assets and NFTs. Here you can access your VIVE Wallet to exchange both original and partner-made digital assets, such as Shu Yamamoto’s Cat Art pieces. 

 VIVERSE brings all these platforms and services together seamlessly. After visiting the Cat Art exhibition in VR, you can take home your very own piece from the gallery by purchasing the asset on VIVE Bytes using currency from your VIVE Wallet. 

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Cat Art creator Shu Yamamoto embraced the future of VR technology, resulting in the incredible virtual exhibition we know and love today, saying: “About a year ago, when I heard the proposal to recreate my cat art in the world of virtual reality, I couldn’t quite predict what it would look like. And I watched it gradually complete, but the finished product was far beyond my imagination.” 

 With VIVERSE, HTC will elevate Yamamoto’s vision into the world of NFTs, and encourage creators to join VIVERSE and bring their astonishing creations to a whole new digital reality. 

Learn more about VIVERSE.

Stay tuned for more VIVERSE service reveals very soon. 

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