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*Geschloßen* Verlosung – Assassins Creed IV Black FLag für PlayStation 3

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Es sind nur noch wenige Tage bis die neuen Konsolen das Licht der Welt erblicken, um euch das warten ein bischen zu verkürzen haben wir jetzt schon einen der neuen Next-Gen Titel für die PlayStation 3 zur Verlosung bereit!

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag



In the present day, the unnamed player character is hired by Abstergo Entertainment to gather footage from the Animus to make an immersive film experience. Samples taken from Desmond Miles in the moments after his death have allowed Abstergo to continue to access his genetic memories. The player starts by delving into the memories of Edward Kenway, an eighteenth-century pirate.

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Kenway’s story starts in England where he lives an unhappy life as a pesant. He dreams of a life as a privateer, which causes friction with his wife, Caroline. Caroline leaves him, predicting that Kenway’s ambitions will eventually drive his loved ones away. With nothing keeping him in England, Kenway sets off for the Caribbean.

His adventure as a privateer is short-lived and he quickly turns to piracy. His ship attacks a passing vessel, but his crew are killed, and he is shipwrecked a hundred leagues from Havana. The only other survivor is Duncan Walpole, a rogue Assassin who claims to be on an errand of vital importance and asks Kenway to escort him. When Kenway questions Walpole’s ability to pay, Walpole accuses him of piracy, and Kenway is forced to kill him. Kenway assumes Walpole’s identity and completes his errand to Havana. There he meets Laureano Torres, the Governor of Havana; Woodes Rogers, an emissary of the British Empire; and Julien de Casse, a French aristocrat and privateer. The three are high-ranking Templars seeking the Observatory, a Precursor construct that can be used for mass surveillance and mind control. To do this, they have located the Sage, the only person capable of locating the Observatory. Unaware of the dangers posed by this conspiracy, Kenway sees this as an opportunity for profit. He attempts to question the Sage, but is caught by Torres and sent to a prison convoy. Kenway escapes custody with the help of Adéwalé, a Barbadian plantation worker. They commandeer a frigate that Kenway christens the Jackdaw and escape to Nassau.

Once in Nassau, Kenway meets Ed Thatch, Benjamin Hornigold, Charles Vane, Jack Rackham and James Kidd; pirates who dream of turning Nassau into a free state. Kenway assists them, killing de Casse and stealing a large warship with which to defend Nassau. He is approached by Kidd, who directs him to a settlement on the Yucatan Peninsula that is inhabited by the Assassins. The Assassins are not welcoming, and have Kenway confirm the identity of the Sage before sending him away. However, Kenway’s recklessness has revealed the location of the settlement to the Templars, and the Assassins are overwhelmed in the ensuing attack.

Kenway decides to seek out the Sage himself. Learning that Torres has been redirecting supply colonies to a sea fort in eastern Cuba, Kenway leads an assault on the fortress, capturing it before the convoy arrives and taking Torres hostage. Torres admits that the Sage has been abducted and that he has laundered money from the Spanish Empire to pay the ransom. Kenway follows the trail to Kingston, where he infiltrates a manor owned a Laurens Prins, a notorious slave trader. He discovers that Kidd and the Assassins are also targeting Prins, and the two form a temporary alliance that ends in disaster when the Sage overpowers Kidd and takes him hostage, revealing that he is working with the Templars. Kidd and Kenway narrowly escape and regroup. Kidd reveals that he is actually Mary Read, and disguises himself as a man to pass unnoticed.

Meanwhile, the free state of Nassau is dangerously close to collapse, with disease and squalor running rampant, morale at an all-time low and no economy to speak of. The founders are deeply divided on every issue, with Benjamin Hornigold in favour of accepting a pardon and unconditional surrender from the British, Charles Vane insisting that Nassau is simply experiencing a downturn and that it can survive in the long term, Ed Thatch resorting to taking supplies from the British by force, and Jack Rackham spending most of his time drunk. Kenway attempts to solve the problems in a way that satisfies everyone, but the divide is too deep. Hornigold accepts the pardon and joins the Templars, then betrays Kenway and Thatch by leading them into an ambush that sees Thatch killed. Rackham seizes the opportunity to stage a mutiny, taking the Jackdaw and marooning Kenway and Vane on an isolated island. Kenway is forced to kill Vane when Vane is driven mad before he is rescued by a passing ship. He recovers the Jackdaw after Rackham proves to be an incompetent captain.

Kenway continues his pursuit of the Sage, following him to the island of Principe off the coast of Africa. Freeing him from the Templars, the Sage accepts Kenway’s help and introduces himself as Bartholomew Roberts. The two work together to locate the Observatory, on the north coast of Jamaica. Roberts reveals that it is a machine capable of showing the user the world through the eyes of a subject. He overpowers Kenway, admitting that he owes no alleigence to the Templars or to the Assassins, and instead aligns himself with whoever he thinks will help him achieve his ends. Kenway escapes, but is weakened an recaptured by Roberts, who hands him over to Torres and Rogers to collect the bounty on Kenway’s head.

Torres and Rogers offer Kenway his freedom in exchange for his help locating the Observatory. Kenway refuses, and the Templars use their position to sentence him to suffer without dying. Four months later, Kenway is rescued by Ah Tabei, the leader of the Assassins, to carry out a prison break and rescue Mary Read. Mary is found to be sick, and dies before they can escape. Edward’s obsession with the Observatory prompts Adéwalé to leave and join the Assassins. In an alcohol-induced stupor, he realises that Caroline’s prediction has come true and that his relentless pursuit of riches has driven everyone away.

Kenway returns to the Assassins, where his new-found self-awareness convinces Ah Tabei that he is ready to become an Assassin. Together, they plan to stop the Templar conspiracy before they can take control of the Observatory. Disguising himself as the Italian ambassador to Jamaica, he kills Woodes Rogers at a party in Kingston. He follows Roberts back to Principe and storms his ship, The Royal Fortune. Finally, he returns to Havana to kill Torres, only to discover that Torres already knows the location of the Observatory. Kenway races to stop Torres before he can activate the machine, overcoming the Observatory’s defence systems and finally kill him. The Assassins take control of the Observatory, whilst Kenway receives a letter informing him that Caroline has died, and that she was pregnant when she left him. The story ends with Kenway meeting his daughter Jennifer for the first time.

In the present day, the player’s research task is interrupted by his employers, who keep directing him to concentrate on locating the Observatory. The player is contacted by someone inside Abstergo Entertainment’s information technology department, who forces they player to run errands for him. The IT manager arranges for the player to access the Animus‘ cloud drive system, where Juno materialises before the player. She reveals that although it was necessary to open her temple to avert disaster, she was not and is not ready to join the world, and refuses to possess the player. The IT manager, revealed to be a reincarnated form of Bartholomew Roberts, attempts to murder the player to cover up the failed attempt to revive Juno, but is killed by Abstrego’s security forces. The company apologises to the player before they are remotely contacted by Shaun and Rebecca, who request the player uses their new-found security clearance to aid them by continuing to hack Abstergo Entertainment’s computers.

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Danke an UBISOFT für die tollen Preise 🙂

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