UNIZ Unveils Five 3D Printers With Uni-Directional Peel Technology

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The 3D printer manufacturer UNIZ is planning to launch five new 3D printers equipped with its new uni-directional peel technology at CES 2018. 

At the start of the new year, tech companies and enthusiasts from around the globe will gather in Las Vegas for CES 2018. The trade show features the latest and greatest innovations in consumer technology hardware, and of course, that includes 3D printing as well.

The San Diego 3D printer manufacturer UNIZ will be present at the event, and will roll the dice with five new machines and a cutting-edge 3D printing technology.

The company will launch three desktop 3D printers and two industrial 3D printers, all of which utilize uni-directional peel (UDP) technology. This printing technique offers a twist on stereolithography, increasing speed by minimizing the peel time of the conventional layered process.

UNIZ is adding the SLASH+, SLASH OL, SLASH PRO, zSLTV15 and zSLTV23 to its product range. Each printer targets a different sector of the consumer or industrial 3D printer market.

The zSLTV industrial 3D printer from UNIZ

A Quick Look at the UDP 3D Printers UNIZ Will Launch at CES 2018

Initially, UNIZ released the successfully crowdfunded SLASH LCD-SLA 3D Printer at CES 2016. This year, the 3D printer manufacturer is equipped with an arsenal of new products.

The SLASH+ is essentially an upgrade over its predecessor, and is aimed at prosumers, hobbyists, educators, and artists. Using UDP technology, the printer is capable of 3D printing six full-arch dental models in less than five minutes.

The SLASH OL satisfies the lower end of the consumer market, offering this unique 3D printing technology for under $1000. This machine offers an XY resolution up to 150um and is said to be 500 times faster than FDM printers at the same price point.

UNIZ’s final addition to the desktop line is the SLASH PRO. This printer is designed for desktop users that need bigger parts. With double the build volume of the SLASH z-axis, users can create sizable objects quickly, such as a full-size outer-sole in under an hour.

On the industrial side of things, UNIZ is also launching the zSLTV15 and zSLTV23. The first offers 89um XY resolution and a 330 x 190 x 410mm build envelope. With the company’s UDP technology, the zSLTV15 prints much faster than the desktop versions,  capable of producing 20 full-arch dental models in less than five minutes.

Last but not the least, the zSLTV23 features an even larger build volume (521 x 293 x 650mm) and faster printing speeds (7,000 cc/hr solid and 56000cc/hr envelope speed). In fact, according to UNIZ, this machine will be the fastest SLA 3D printer the market has seen.

Despite being a newcomer to the 3D printer market, UNIZ has made an impressive leap by bringing five new printers to the table. If you’ll be in Sin City attending CES 2018, which takes place from January 9 – 12, you can catch UNIZ at booth #9110 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

The SLASH + desktop printer from UNIZ

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