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u-maker box Raspberry Pi case review

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What’s cool, though, is that you can really modify and personalise the case to what you need it to do thanks to a smart construction system and freely available templates to play around with for 3D printing.

Snap build

The standard box comes with some mounts that allow you to attach it to a wall or VESA mount, and even a special one for boom arms. As well as the extra bits in the Extension Kit that help connect extra boards, brackets, or even a case fan, there’s a ton of Thingiverse files for various kinds of stands, extenders, and even an alternate lid that can fit a square HyperPixel.

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The number of options are truly astounding and none of it looks or feels hacky. It’s just a very nice implementation of the design idea.



A unique and very cool way to customise or prototype a case for your Raspberry Pi projects.

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Dimensions: 120.4 mm × 120.4 mm × 35.5 mm

Weight: 93.2 g

Fasteners: Magnetic

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