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Twitch Rivals presents: the Hearthstone Gold Rush challenge

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In one week, Hearthstone’s Dual Class Arena mode, The Hallow’s End, will return for a two week limited time special event!

Hallow’s End, in case you missed it before, is a spin on the classic Hearthstone Arena formula where you can pick two classes and fuse them for ultimate drafting synergy. To celebrate, we’re inviting all broadcasters around the tavern to a good ol’ fashion Gold Rush speed challenge on Twitch.

Starting on October 17 worldwide, the event will be unlocked and playable to every Hearthstone account, for free. The only two requirements to sign up are:

  1. Make a brand new Battle.Net / Hearthstone account
  2. Register that new account over at the Smash.GG portal (

The Gold Rush challenge is a race to obtain 5000 Hearthstone in-game gold.. You can participate and play co-op together with friends, but no “Challenge A Friend” quests for 80 gold! Tavern Brawl is also off limit, but Constructed or Arena are fair game. Can you figure out the fastest way to reach 5000 gold?

And of course, using real money to buy anything is forbidden! For those focusing on the Hallow’s End Dual Class Arena, you can only use gold to pay for your Arena entry tickets. If you run out of gold — you bust. However, you have up to three attempts on your registered account due to the three server access regions (Americas, Europe, and Asia). If you bust on all 3 servers, you’re out for good.

The Gold Rush challenge features over $25,000 in prizes at stake and is open to anyone.. Pre-registration at is mandatory, so if you forget to sign up, your submission won’t count!

Hallow’s End run from October 17–31. Submissions sent before or after those dates will be invalid. No cheating.

Note: You are allowed to complete the game’s tutorial and play all the classes to level 10 in Solo Adventure before the Challenge begins. However, you are not allowed to play any other game mode outside of Solo Adventure or start accumulating gold until Hallow’s End has officially started. Failure to abide by these prerequisites may invalidate your submission. You’ve been warned.

Prizes ($25,000 in total)
1st — $15,000

2nd — $7,000

3rd — $3,000

If nobody is able to cross the 5000 gold mark, the highest *current* gold holders will be selected as the winners.

Once you’ve completed your Arena run, grab the VOD and go to the portal for submission. Winners will have their accounts verified and later announced at the conclusion of the event.

Finally, to all participants who are joining us for this epic challenge, while the event has no broadcast length limitations, please take extra care to ensure your own health and safety. Stay hydrated, eat well, take breaks, get lots of sleep, and most importantly, have lots of fun.

How do I participate?

To participate, simply use your Twitch account to broadcast the entirety of your submission under the “Twitch Rivals: Hearthstone Eerie-na Challenge” Tag.

If you do not have a Twitch account, signing up is free and easy. For all the details, read the official ruleset here and ask any questions in the Discord to the admins.


  • When does the Challenge begin and end?

October 17 is when Hallow’s End starts. October 31 is the last day of the event. If your submission contains non-Hallow’s End content, it will not be eligible.

  • I finished! How do I submit to verify if I have won anything?

Log onto portal page ( and click “Submit my run”.

  • What if I disconnect halfway or my stream goes down?

You are responsible for your own internet connection. Triple check your settings and test stability before you start. Any partial runs will be reviewed for authenticity, so submit chopped up VODs at your own risk.

  • I accidentally didn’t stream some games on the account halfway through. Will this invalidate my run?

You must stream the event in its entirety. Gaining gold off-stream can be grounds for disqualification based on on the admin’s discretion. Accidents do happen, but do your due diligence to ensure your hard work isn’t jeopardized!

  • I lost pretty quickly. Can I still participate if I bust out of gold early?

You may create a new submission by starting fresh on a different server of the account that you registered on However, if you bust out and are unable to purchase an arena ticket with in-game gold on any server (Americas, Europe, Asia), you are effectively eliminated from competition.

  • Can I play on multiple accounts on the same time?

Each valid submission must show only 1 account being played at a time. Playing multiple servers or multiple accounts simultaneously will invalidate your run.

  • I finished the 5000 gold, but I did not stream some of it. Can I claim the prize?

Unfortunately, if you did not stream the completion of the challenge in its entirety, you are not eligible to win. However, if you recorded locally on your computer, you may broadcast the missing part as a VOD on Twitch. However, you must the run must be streamed in its entirety (at normal 1x speed) before officially claiming the prize. Don’t forget to turn on your stream before you start/continue your runs!

  • Can I have a friend on call or next to me?

Absolutely. The challenge can be a team effort, but we will credit it to the official owner (by email account) of the stream. However, you may not compete in the challenge on multiple channels, so if you compete on a friend’s stream, you may not submit your own individual run on your personal channel or help another broadcaster with their runs.

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