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Tortuga Trikes Releases Gas-Powered Trike, Makes Drifting Fun and Easy!

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Tricycles are out, and Tortuga Trikes are in. Not your standard tricycle, each one of these drifting machines are equipped with a 6.5hp motor. The engine work with any type of gasoline, and thanks to a fairly sizable tank, it can achieve approximately 20 hours of drift time (nearly 50 miles of drifting). It has a top speed of 30 mph, and its go-kart wheels are wrapped with PVC slicks.
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“Stunt pegs are situated on the 20-inch wheel up front, while A-brakes help you come to a screeching halt after hitting the tarmac. There are also 10 different powder coated colors to choose from, helping you stand out from the crowd. Watch the video below to see these thing in action,” report Hi Consmption.

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