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Thor and Loki’s Stop-Motion LEGO Video by Jordan Tseng

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Quote from the Creator of the Video:

2014 Happy new year!! It’s been a while
I’m going to have the University entrance examination 2 weeks later,
that’s awful.Anyway,hope you guys enjoyed it.It’s the first time I use Lego to make a stop motion.


.I spent 3 month to do all this works,and took about 5000 pictures.I mainly tried to achieve the idea “keep moving” in this video,so compared with my older video,all the toys in this video is always moving (almost) so that it looks more realistic and cinematic.Most importantly,I used DragonFrame to make this stop motion,that’s the software Patrickboivin are using,pretty helpful.
If you like it,please share it with your friends,it’s my greatest pleasure.


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