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This Week’s Twitch Prime Legend for Madden — Ed “Too Tall” Jones.

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“Too Tall” is about to ball. That’s right, this week’s Twitch Prime Legend in Madden Ultimate Team is Dallas Cowboy’s DE Ed “Too Tall” Jones, with an 83 OVR!

At a gigantic 6’9 in height, he was basically an NFL Paul Bunyan. Through 1974–1989, he played in 16 playoff games, 3 Super Bowls, 3 Pro Bowls, and has the 3rd most sacks in Cowboys history. He batted down so many passes he convinced the NFL to keep track of it as an official stat.

As if dominating football wasn’t enough, he left the NFL in the prime of his career to become a professional boxer, where he had perfect 6–0 record and five knockouts. Then he was like “uhhh JK, I’m coming back to play football”, and continued to terrorize QB’s for another 9 years.

When you’re that big you can do whatever you want. And that’s why you need Ed “Too Tall” Jones on your Madden team.

About Twitch Prime Legends

We’re teaming up with EA Sports Madden NFL 18 to give Twitch Prime Members at least an 83 rated Madden Ultimate Team Twitch Prime Legend and Collectible every week from 8/22–2/3. That’s up to 25 retired NFL ballers for you to add to your roster, plus collectibles to jack up their stats to a 90 OVR.

When you join Twitch Prime, you can claim your 83 rated Ed Jones + 1 Collectible in addition to an 85 OVR Reggie White + 5 Collectibles, allowing you to automatically start with a 90 OVR Legend immediately. So start a free 30-day trial, or link your current Prime account to Twitch here.

NOTE: Throughout the promotion, Twitch Prime Legends will be available to players who have claimed them for 30 days after the Twitch Prime Legend is release. Players must log into Madden at least once every 30 days to receive weekly content.

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That’s not all Prime Members get this Football Season! Starting September 28th we’ll be streaming select TNF games on Prime Video, where we’ll reveal the upcoming week’s Legend.

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