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This PS2 HDMI Converter lets you play your original PlayStation and PS2

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If you’re not planning on picking up the PlayStation Classic, there’s still a way you can play your PS1 and PS2 games on your original console with a HDMI lead. In the past, retro gamers have been able to use a HDMI converter, but Limited Run Games, who usually focus on releasing digital games physically, are releasing a PS1/PS2 HDMI cable next month.

What is it?

Pound Technology is producing an HDMI converter for the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. The converter is called POUND TECHNOLOGY® PS2/PS1 HDMI CABLE and will be available for pre-order exclusively via Limited Run Games’ official website. It is due for shipment mid to late November, which is just next month.

The idea is that you can play your original PlayStation 2 on the current modern-day television/ monitor with ease. It comes at a price of $29.99. The HD link cables come with the HD LINK unit, an HDMI cable, and a Micro USB cable for power.



Despite being primarily marketed for the PlayStation 2, the HD LINK product can also be used for your beloved PlayStation One or PSX. This works by force up-ressing the PlayStation’s original 240p resolution to 480ip and then subsequently upscaling it to 720p. The website also advertises other features such as:

  • Excellent RGB video quality
  • 6 feet cable length
  • A premium, high-quality design
  • Includes 6ft USB-A to micro USB cable for console power supply
  • Cable management tie offs

Website: LINK

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