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This Millennium Falcon-Themed Nissan is Partially 3D Printed

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As the hype machine cranks into gear ahead of this month’s release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Lucasfilm and Nissan have partnered to create a Millennium Falcon-themed Nissan Rogue.

Missing the obvious May 4th marketing opportunity by some weeks, Solo: A Star Wars Story will hit the silver screen later this month. Which of course means a tidal wave of promotional crossovers is on the horizon and approaching fast.

Falling early is this intentionally grimy-looking piece of automotive art from Nissan. Produced in collaboration with Lucasfilm, Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) and Vehicle Effects, the Nissan Rogue Millennium Falcon is an homage to its fictional namesake.

With the look of a space worn junker, the car takes several design cues from the new (but old — chronologically Solo takes place before the original Star Wars trilogy) version of Han Solo’s iconic ship. Most notably the windscreen shroud, which evokes the Falcon’s offset cockpit. The blue flash of color is fresh, reflecting the new (old) Calrissian era-Millennium Falcon, too.

Speakers, Roof-Mounted Radar and 3D Printed Inserts

The angular body panels lining the Rogue Millennium Falcon are handcrafted from aluminum, with the back of the car lit up with “subspace-hyperdrive” units. Above these glowing “engines” sits a 1,500-watt sound system (presumably to deafen you into thinking you’re actually flying).

Peppered across the Rogue Millennium Falcon are 3D printed inserts, giving quick and distinctive detailing to the pretty immersive project.

This particular one-off car is the third such collaboration between Nissan and Lucasfilm, but the first to go as far as to bring detail into the interior space. From the outside, the car looks the business. Inside is no different.

Here banks of twitches and toggles all light up and react with audio clips of the famous ship. A lathed gear-shifter gives some extra tactility to driving, though we imagine that’s the last thing on your mind looking through that windshield.

A promotional one-off, we’re probably all a little safer off without these things on the road. Would you drive one?

Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theaters May 25th, 2018.

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