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This converted RC car uses a Portenta H7 to drive itself

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Jeremy Ellis is a teacher, and as such, wanted a longer-term project that his students could do to learn more about microcontrollers and computer vision/machine learning, and what better way is there than a self-driving car. His idea was to take an off-the-shelf RC car which uses DC motors, add an Arduino Portenta H7 as the MCU, and train a model to recognize target objects that it should follow.

After selecting the “RC Pro Shredder” as the platform, Ellis implemented a VNH5019 Motor Driver Carrier, a servo motor to steer, and a Portenta H7 + Vision Shield along with a 1.5” OLED module. After 3D printing a small custom frame to hold the components in the correct orientation, nearly 300 images were collected of double-ringed markers on the floor. These samples were then uploaded to Edge Impulse and labeled with bounding boxes before a FOMO-based object detection model was trained.

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Rather than creating a sketch from scratch, the Portenta community had already developed one that grabs new images, performs inferencing, and then steers the car’s servo accordingly while optionally displaying the processed image on the OLED screen. With some minor testing and adjustments, Ellis and his class had built a total of four autonomous cars that could drive all on their own by following a series of markers on the ground.

For more details on the project, check out Ellis’ Edge Impulse tutorial here.

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