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The World Needs More Talented Women In Tech

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Today, on International Women’s Day, HTC VIVE is supporting the 5th Women In Tech (WIT) conference in Stockholm with 1,300 WIT participants and several thousand on the waiting list. There is clearly an appetite for this as the +1,000 ticket sold out in 100 seconds!

The mission of WIT is to inspire talented women to consider a future in media and technology by providing a network and experienced of successful women and men from the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds.

We are also proud supporter of WIT GIRLS, which is a new program aimed to inspire young women aged 8-15 access to learn about coding, game design, web and Virtual Reality during their summer break at a weekend tech camp that goes on through-out the year. We will provide them with a unique first insight into the world of VR and AR and let their minds embrace the new mediums. We believe this will program help inspire the next generation of female talent in the years to come.

At HTC VIVE we are all technology “geeks” and hope that the next generation will share our passion for technology. Most technology companies today are male dominated, and those men need to take active part of changing the status quo or there will be no growth of women in tech. However, HTC VIVE is an exception as it is managed by an amazing Woman In Tech – CEO and Chairwoman Cher Wang – who started the company more than 20 year ago. She has had a significant impact on the mobile and VR industries and continuous to promote WIT and the next generation of female tech talent.

To take the next step for WIT Globally we need more leaders and visionaries, we need thinkers and doers.  We need women and men, we need you to take action today, we need you to make a difference, without you there will be no Women In Tech.

Join us today on International Women’s Day in celebrating all women and support initiatives that will inspire them to join us in our exciting industry.

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