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The smartChair is a Nano 33 IoT-based stand-up and walking aid

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Arduino TeamSeptember 2nd, 2021

Over time, people age and naturally tend to lose some or most of their mobility, leading to a need for a wheelchair, walker, or other assistive device. This led hitesh.boghani to submit his project, which he calls the smartChair, to element14’s Design for a Cause 2021 contest. This build features a sort of pseudo-walker that enables a user to transition from a sitting to a standing position with some motorized assistance. Apart from that primary use, Hitesh also wanted to create a “summon” mode that would allow the walker to move on its own to where it’s needed.

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As with every other project submitted to the contest, this too makes use of the Arduino Nano 33 IoT to handle both motor control and communication with a client device. In order to lift the walker from a compacted state to an expanded one, Hitesh began by assembling a wooden frame and then placed a brushless DC motor in line with some gearing to increase torque and reduce the speed. Next, an L293D motor driver IC was connected to a breadboard and a Nano 33 IoT for receiving input signals. And finally, a bit of code was written that spins the motor for a certain number of turns depending on the speed and direction requested.

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Unfortunately, time ran out to complete the summon feature, so Hitesh plans on improving this project continually to add a camera, a motorized base, and a basic smartphone app for controlling the whole thing. But even in its current state, the smartChair is a great assistive tool for anyone who needs extra help getting up from a sitting position. 

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