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The Real Reason Behind the GTA 6 Delay

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We all know what kind of success the GTA games had (and still do, to be honest). These games have been a blast! So we cannot keep but wondering what’s going on. GTA 6 needs to be released already, especially if we are to take a look at the success of the last installment. Rockstar Game has made a huge hit with GTA 5, as the game is now seen as the most profitable products which were ever made, with a revenue of more than $6 billion. The thing is that the game still produces money, as the developers still create new content for their players.

We’ve heard that GTA 5 is going to sell about 100 million copies. It’s still a game that’s so popular, so it’s understandable why the team behind still wants to create content for the players. This might be one of the reasons why we didn’t get GTA 6 – they’re focusing on making this world bigger. We also know that Rockstar has a $500 million budget – money for developing GTA 6. Rumor has it; the company wants to add some VR content for the next game.

As we all know, Rockstar was given about $250 million for the budget to develop the 5th game of the series. However, after all the success and the massive sales, the game studio thinks the budget should double for the next game, as it’s supposed to be fascinating and more awesome than the last one. But the money – $500 million now – seem to cause trouble for the team since it’s a huge amount of money for only one franchise. It’s true, GTA 5 brought billions of dollars to the company, this performance is seen as an irregularity. Mainly because there’s really no guarantee that the next game, GTA 6 will bring as much money as its brother did when it will first make its appearance on the market.

What are the reasons for the delay?

Money might be one reason for the delay. However, there are other factors as well. Another factor that we should mention is the game “Red Dead Redemption 2”, which is going to be released soon by Rockstar, on the 26th of October. If the company decides to release GTA 6 this year or in 2019, we’re not sure how the sales are going to go for both of the games, but one thing’s for sure – they will be both affected.

If they both go on the market at approximatively the same time, people will try both of them. And we know that GTA 6, as well as Red Dead Redemption 2, have vast maps to explore, so competition will form between the two of them, which means a lot of problems for Rockstar.

Another factor might be the fact that Rockstar has a reputation when it comes to releasing games – years after the predecessors made its appearance on the market. This happens because the company just love making games that are immersive when it comes to the narrative and the gameplay as well.

Will we find Vice City in GTA 6?

As per some sources, GTA 6 is going to feature Vice City – the game will take place in the first game-version of South Florida. We’re not sure how credible this thing is, since Vice City is one of the most loved games of the series. This rumor does not say anything about the era in which the game will be set, so we’re not sure what to believe.

When is the game coming out?

We don’t have any official statements from Rockstar just yet with regards to this matter, but many people believe that GTA 6 will come to us between 2020 and 2022. There are some rumors going around the internet which say that the sixth game is already on its way – some people even call it ‘Project Americas’. You’re probably asking yourself why this name – mainly because it’s rumored that players will be able to have the option to go outside the United States, to South America so they can finish some of the missions.

However, we cannot believe all we hear and we cannot be certain of something until we have an official statement from the company itself.


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