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The Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2022 is out now!

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Pick up your copy of The Official Raspberry Pi Handbook

The Official Raspberry Pi Handbook is available as a free digital download, or you can purchase a print edition from the Raspberry Pi Press store. Print copies can also be bought from The Raspberry Pi Store in the Grand Arcade, Shopping Centre, Cambridge; plus WH Smith retail outlets and good newsagents.

50 Hacks & Hints

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Raspberry Pi Hacks & Hints

Beginners and seasoned experts can get more from Raspberry Pi computers with QuickStart Guides and a definitive collection of tips and tricks. 

Lunchbox Arcade Game

Lunchbox Arcade game

The Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2022 is packed with 76 pages of incredible projects. Discover awesome builds like this Lunchbox Arcade Game. In this project, maker Rich Jones has used an arcade stick, buttons and LCD screen to transform a colourful lunchbox into a portable video games system.

Introducing Raspberry Pi Pico

Introducing Raspberry Pi Pico

This year, Raspberry Pi launched its first Microcontroller board, Raspberry Pi Pico alongside Raspberry Pi’s first silicon microcontroller: RP2040. It’s an exciting development that brings a whole new level of making to the maker community. Our in-depth Raspberry Pi Pico feature has detailed specifications, in-depth use cases, and interviews with the engineers, 

iPod Classic Spotify player

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Upcycle old products with Raspberry Pi: iPod Classic Spotify Player

This amazing iPod Classic upgraded with Raspberry Pi demonstrates how small computers can bring classic gadgets back to life. This iPod Classic now streams Spotify tracks.

Build the ultimate media centre

Build the Ultimate Media Centre

Your official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2022 is packed with features and tutorials for incredible home builds. Putting together a media centre is a great way to make use of Raspberry Pi. With your own media centre you can stream and play all your favourite movies, music, and TV shows. Plus show off your photo collection and understand how it all works. 

Play classic console games legally on Raspberry Pi

Play classic console games legally on Raspberry PI

Retro game emulation is another amazing use for the ultra-modern Raspberry Pi. Getting hold of games and running them legally is an incredible way to build a working arcade machine. Our series of arcade tutorials 

Inky Impression

Definitive reviews of the best Raspberry Pi kit

Inside the Handbook 2022, you will discover all the greatest Raspberry Pi gadgets, accessories and add-ons! Take Raspberry Pi to whole new levels with our guide to products you can quickly attach to Raspberry Pi. Like this full-colour e-reader display, perfect for creating colourful interfaces. 

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