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The Nespresso Shield logs your coffee consumption using a MKR Zero

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Arduino TeamApril 26th, 2021

How much coffee do you consume in a day? No idea? Then the Nespresso Shield by Steadman Thompson may be just what you need!

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The device employs an Arduino MKR Zero, and a microphone unit to sense when a Nespresso machine gets louder than a certain threshold. When this level is met, it knows that a drink is being prepared and records this on the board’s built-in SD card reader. Info is coordinated with RTC values, allowing the card to be pulled in order to produce nice graphs in Excel or LibreCalc.

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It also keeps track of water levels, based on how many cups have been poured, with a reset button and LED as the user interface. The unit simply sits on top of the machine, so there’s no modification needed whatsoever. 

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Website: LINK

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