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The importance of mental health for every streamer

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5 Mental Health Tips for Online Content Creators
By Ross Kerr, The National Alliance on Mental Illness

Creating content and connecting with an online audience presents unique challenges. The level of consistency and engagement required to maintain your brand and following can be demanding. It can also be difficult to navigate between personal and work life when they are so often mixed. Aspects of the work that usually bring personal fulfillment may at times feel like a stressful, overwhelming grind.

If you feel the stress you’re facing is negatively affecting you, there are ways you can improve your mental health.

Connect with Social Supports

Life doesn’t have to be single-player — and it shouldn’t be. Connection is such an important aspect of mental health. Reaching out to others who have shared experiences can help build a network of support and fight loneliness. Another approach is seeking out a mentor who understands the unique challenges of what you do. This person can be a listening ear when times are hard. They can help you overcome difficult situations and feel more equipped for the challenges ahead.

Establish Set Coping Methods

There may be days when your internet connection slows down to a halt or a piece of content you just made accidentally gets deleted. Situations like this can make anyone feel frustrated. It’s important to consider your coping skills for when things don’t go as planned. Coping skills such as deep breathing, reading or exercise can help you release stress and gain perspective on these tough moments.

Set Your Office Hours

Content creation often means working long hours. There’s no one telling you to go home, especially since you are most likely already at home. Setting definitive work hours can help you create a structure that allows for time to unplug, which can significantly reduce stress. It can also help you to feel more refreshed during your set work hours. And as a bonus, having a regular schedule where your audience can expect you to livestream or post content can also contribute towards building an engaged community.

Prioritize a Hobby

For many working in this space, their hobby has turned into a career. But it’s important to have a positive outlet that doesn’t have the pressure of a career, something that is just for fun and just for you. Pursuing new hobbies or making time for old ones can provide a much-needed distraction. Whether it’s playing “Magic: The Gathering” at the local comic shop or going rock climbing, the change of focus can help take your mind off work-related stress.

Take A Break

If you find yourself pushing through every day and feeling less inspired or overwhelmed: take a break. Whether it’s 30 minutes to get a breather or a week-long vacation, breaks are essential. Work can be hard, but it shouldn’t be painful. While there can be pressure to stay connected in order to build or maintain a following, it’s not as important as your mental health, and you need to set your own limits. Also, taking a step back gives you the opportunity to evaluate what you can change to feel better long-term.

Keep in mind that experiencing these challenges is not a failure. You should never blame yourself for having concerns about your mental health. And whether these challenges are a part of your full-time job or a side gig after work, you are not facing them alone.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

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