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The Glittering Kulve Taroth Siege Returns To Monster Hunter: World Next Week

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If you didn’t have a chance to take down the Mother Goddess of Gold the last time she was available in Monster Hunter: World, you’ll be able to try again soon on Xbox One and PS4. The Kulve Taroth siege is returning to the title on May 24.

Revealed on Twitter, Kulve Taroth will become available on in the US May 24 at 5 PM PST and in Europe May 25 at 1 AM BST. An end date has not yet been announced. To take on this siege, you’ll have to be hunter rank 16 or higher, and team up with your friends to get the epic, golden loot for your hunter and palico.

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Kulve Taroth is an elder dragon that protects itself with a shining coat of metal. Each battle is a little different, as its coat and ecology change with each sighting. It was first seen in Monster Hunter: World last month as a limited-time siege quest. Capcom has not announced if it will become a permanent monster like the Deviljho.

Looking to take on this golden beast? Make sure to check out our guide on how to get all the Kulve Taroth armor and weapons.

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