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The Final Fall Episode of Tools Up! Garden Party is here

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The leaves are changing color, pumpkins are getting plump, and there’s a nip in the air — it must be Fall! Bundle up in your favorite sweater and get ready for harvest time in the garden in Tools Up Garden Party’s final chapter, Episode 3: Home Sweet Home.

Tools Up! Garden Party

Ahh…how can you not fall in love with the fiery reds and golds of fall leaves? They really transform the garden…into a big mess! Leaves on the grass, leaves on the pathways—it cannot be! Get those rakes into action and tidy the fallen leaves into piles. Just make sure not to walk through them or you’ll undo all your work (although we won’t blame you if you can’t resist jumping into a pile every now and then).

With all that raking you’ll surely stir up an appetite. Good thing the err…vegetables of your summer labor are ready to be harvested! Collect ruby red beets, crunchy carrots, and fat onions into baskets and dream of the soups you’ll be able to make with them. Don’t worry about damaging them, these are hardy fall vegetables after all! Get the job done faster by throwing them straight into your basket.

Tools Up! Garden Party

With winter approaching, you’ll have to be prepared to work in all kinds of weather. We meant it about that sweater! Morning frosts may leave the ground icy and rain will leave puddles all over that you’ll have to clean up. Sometimes a fog will roll into the garden making it hard to see, but don’t let yourself get spooked, there’s nothing to be afraid of out there…or is there?

What is that shape emerging from the fog? A ghost? A floating cauliflower? No! It’s a new challenger, who’s come to make your job harder. The Stinky Smog can whip past at any time to steal things you need or mess up your piles of leaves. You’ll have to stay on your toes (or should we say, with your fingers on your nose?) and keep your puppy friend around to chase the Smog away if you’re ever to get the job done.

Discover even more new mechanics and 15 new crispy fall levels in Episode 3: Home Sweet Home and help Tools Up Co. finish their job in the tree house at last. Will you be able to find out how the Stinky Smog got there?

Tools Up! Garden Party – Episode 3: Home Sweet Home

All in! Games

Tools Up! Garden Party consists of 3 separate episodes that are all available as a Season Pass. Fall is in the air and so is Tools Up! Garden Party’s final fall episode. Bundle up in your favorite sweater for Episode 3: Home Sweet Home. A new challenger is ready to keep you on your toes, or should we say, with your fingers on your nose! The Stinky Smog can whip past at any time to mess up your work and steal things you need. Be sure to keep your puppy around to chase the Smog away. Fall means harvest time. Collect pumpkins and carrots in a basket and dream of the soups you can make with them. And don’t let a leaf go uncollected! The cool fall wind will blow leaves all over your garden. Grab a rake and collect them before they take over! Discover even more new mechanics and tools in 15 new, crispy fall levels solo or with up to 3 friends. Get gardening!

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