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Tetris Effect: Connected Brings Multiplayer to the Ultimate Puzzle Game on Xbox

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Even as someone who’s been making games almost 30 years, I was completely blown away by the reaction to the original Tetris Effect. So many gamers, whether they were die-hard Tetris fans from way-back or first-time players, just “got” what we were going for: a unique reimagining of one of the most popular and addictive puzzle games of all time, with all of the razzle-dazzle visuals and audio wizardry we could squeeze out of modern consoles. And not just a puzzle game, but also a journey, as we call it; a positive, emotional, life-affirming experience of sorts.

Tetris Effect: Connected

Sound a bit crazy? Well it is! Hence the relief and happiness it’s been so well received, including great reviews, awards, and (my favorite) personal stories from fans: how the game helped them destress at the end of a long day, or how they finally (finally!) bested a certain level, or how they welled up at a particular piece of music.

Tetris Effect: Connected

But we also kept hearing something else: people wanting to share the experience of playing Tetris Effect with family, or friends, or the larger world. We want that, too — and especially in these times, as we all continue to adapt to unprecedented forms of isolation, it felt like a worthy challenge. Tetris Effect: Connected is our attempt to do just that: connect all different types of people, in cooperation or competition, via our universal love of Tetris.

Tetris Effect: Connected

Whichever system you want to play on — Xbox Series X, Xbox One, or Windows 10 PC — you can connect across the couch in local play, or across the world online, in all-new modes like Zone Battle, which shakes up traditional 1-on-1 versus Tetris via our time-stopping Zone mechanic; or, if co-op is more your style, there’s Connected mode, where up to three players can literally connect their Tetris playfields together and play as one, as you work together to take down a series of increasingly-challenging CPU-controlled bosses.

Tetris Effect: Connected

Of course, the ultimate version of our acclaimed single-player game is also included: over 30 stages and 10 plus different modes presented in categories designed to fit the type of player you are and how you’re feeling (or want to feel) that day: Relax, Focus, Adventurous, or Classic. And if you’re playing on Xbox Series X or PC — and we launch the same day as Xbox Series X, by the way — all this will be in higher resolutions and framerates than ever possible before.

Tetris Effect: Connected

So please give Tetris Effect: Connected a try, either on Xbox Game Pass or as a stand-alone game on Xbox Series X, Windows 10, or Xbox One. We also support Smart Delivery, so rest assured if you decide to upgrade later, Tetris Effect: Connected will upgrade for free right along with you — and hopefully I’ll be hearing about your personal story next.

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