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Save Recover Anonymous Simpsons Tapped Game Android iPhone

Reading Time: 2 minutes SAVE YOUR GAME PROGRESS IN THE SIMPSONS: TAPPED OUT (TSTO) Back up and save your game so you can recover your progress and play across different devices by connecting it to your EA Account. While the game automatically saves your progress on your device as you play, you should connect it to an EA Account. […]

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Loggerhead Turtle Loses Fin in Shark Accident, This Replacement Ensued

Reading Time: 2 minutes A loggerhead turtle named “Yu” lost her front flippers in 2008, but since then she’s gone through 27 prosthetic fins swimming around her new home at Suma Aqualife Park near Kobe in Japan. ABC News reports that while there have been various attempts to fit turtles with prosthetic limbs around the world, Yu is the only turtle […]