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Project anyone’s face onto your own with Raspberry Pi Zero

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sean Hodgins is back with a new Halloween-themed project, this time using a pico projector and a Raspberry Pi Zero to display images and animations onto a mask. It’s kinda creepy but very, very cool. Face Changing Projection Mask – Be Anyone Have a hard time deciding what to be on Halloween? Just be everything. […]

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Pizza Box Becomes a Functional Projector, Use your Smartphone to watch Movies everywhere!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Pizza Hut Hong Kong wanted a unique way to promote their ‘double pizza’ promotion, so they hired Ogilvy & Mather to create a special box that doubles as a functional projector. To use, simply remove the pizzas, punch out the projection hole, turn up the screen brightness and place your phone on the included stand […]