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Build your own Arthur satellite dish for tracking the ISS

Reading Time: 3 minutes Construct a 3D paper model of the iconic Arthur satellite dish that notifies you whenever the International Space Station passes overhead! Project_Arthur Project_Arthur is a fun project allowing you to construct a 3d paper model of the Antenna 1 dish called Arthur from Goonhilly. The model will track the location of the ISS (International Space […]

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We present, Paper Shooters Assault Rifle! Perfect for Office Wars.

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here’s a first: a cardboard assault rifle designed to look like a weapon straight from the Call Of Duty world. Available in 3 different models – Digital Ops, Zombie Slayer, and the limited edition Golden Touch – these paper gadgets fire biodegradable pellets up to 75-feet. They’re packaged in true DIY kit form, where you […]