Raspberry Pi LEGO DIY NES Case

Reading Time: < 1 minutes We found some nice tutorial on a German website, for your own DIY LEGO Pi Case!! The Original Article was way before and also a case to buy, here’s the article: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/lego-nespi-case/ Buy it here: http://www.raspipc.es/public/home/index.php?ver=tienda&accion=verArticulo&idProducto=1305?setLocale=en_GB And here is the Tutorial for you own Case, made with LEGO Digital Designer: Download: pi-modell Download: lego-nes-case-instruction Source: https://www.andrerinas.de/tutorials/nespi-like-lego-nes-case-anleitunginstruction.html http://ldd.lego.com/de-de/

Building your Custom LEGO Raspberry Pi LEGO Case

Reading Time: 3 minutes From today’s HOW TO BUILD A CUSTOM RASPBERRY PI MINI PC to another challenge 😉 Little girl named ‘Biz’ (age 12) from UK managed to make this Case first and also did a Tutorial for everyone. Official Raspberry Pi Site posted it already earlier last year.   Here come the instructions, from official Raspberry Pi Website:…… Continue reading Building your Custom LEGO Raspberry Pi LEGO Case

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