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Building your Custom LEGO Raspberry Pi LEGO Case

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From today’s HOW TO BUILD A CUSTOM RASPBERRY PI MINI PC to another challenge 😉

Little girl named ‘Biz’ (age 12) from UK managed to make this Case first and also did a Tutorial for everyone. Official Raspberry Pi Site posted it already earlier last year.



Here come the instructions, from official Raspberry Pi Website:

First make a two layer base – we had to use blue and red because that’s what we had – it is 13 splots by 9 (awkward!)

Now we add some flat bits to hold the Pi so the solder bits don’t get scraped when we plug things in and out.

You can load the RasPi in now or wait until the end!

Now build the walls – one layer at a time! Again we just used what bits we had.

Going up!

Oops! A bit fuzzy!

Tah dah!

Now we need a lid – again the lego sizes are a bit inconvenient and so we have a notch in the bottom edge and a corresponding hole that we were short of bits to fill.

Actually that turned out to be quite handy as we have an easy detachable half lid that gives access to pinouts and test points.

Now for the cute bit…

Here are the bits…

Had to make it double thickness and again ran out of a splot – but that doesn’t show!

And finally a round mini-splot to attach to the case (and hide the hole in the roof).


And that’s Biz’s RasPi case!

There are so many different way’s to Build the Case, there is not just 1 right way 😉

Here are some other examples:

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Official Raspberry Pi Case from Biz to Buy:


And for all our Users we got some nice Bonus 😉 , we found on




Official Source:

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